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Along the way, you will discover some of the secret places of the capital and learn about how the City churches link Dick Whittington to a bunch of killers. Plots — liaisons — brawls — murders — hauntings: the pubs of the City of London have seen all of these, and the area around St. This evening walk, which starts from the steps of St. Because we shall be calling at two or more outstanding pubs, this walk will last between two and two-and-a-half hours.

City churches will feature prominently, as will the various Livery halls we encounter along the way, and you will hear a number of decidedly fishy stories. On the river itself we shall see bridges and wharves as well as the river traffic, and, in addition to the buildings and other sights on the northern river path, we shall see the Globe theatre, Tate Modern and other features of the south bank.


This walk largely follows in reverse the route of The Tower to Guildhall. For fuller details, please see that entry. Starting from the steps in front of St. Join us, if you are bold enough, for this walk. Since its foundation, London has been a cosmopolitan city, and this walk from All Hallows maps the contributions made to its development by people whose birthplace lay outside England. Leaving All Hallows, you will find out: what the Romans taught us, and what Roman custom is still practised on the Thames; what a group of sixteenth-century Germans did with the heads displayed on London Bridge; who got blamed for the Great Fire of London; why London businessmen owe such a debt to Turkey and the Netherlands; why a City church is dedicated to a Scandinavian king; and how a whole island won a medal.

It ends at Trafalgar Square, the focal point of national celebration and for many people the symbol of Britishness. On the way, you will learn about: the engineer who saved a city; the nobleman who demolished a church to build himself a mansion; the revolting peasants whose appetite for sweet wine led to their death; the cat who is the most frequent diner at the Savoy Hotel; and the oddest street name in London.

We begin with an introductory session in the Crypt Museum of All Hallows Church, outlining the main events of Roman rule, which covered nearly years and using the city model there to give some notion of the geography of Roman London. Because this walk will cover a slightly longer distance than most of our programme and will include a visit to the Amphitheatre remains under Guildhall Art Gallery, it will begin at This is one of a series of walks celebrating men and women whose courage, humanity and talents have changed life in London for the better.

Proposals en route are encouraged but not compulsory! This walk, which begins just inside the entrance to Green Park next to the Ritz Hotel nearest station Green Park - Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria Lines follows a circular route that reflects both the seedy past and the glittering present of this fashionable and fascinating area.

It leads past mansions and five-star hotels; embassies and leafy squares; exclusive clubs and luxurious restaurants and bars. The City is famous for its mediaeval street plan of narrow, winding lanes and alleys, which has survived the Great Fire of London and two World Wars, retaining both their oddities of layout but also their often very strange names. This walk will centre around the City parish of All Hallows , where one of the most striking Beating the Bounds ceremonies is celebrated annually on Ascension Day.

The walk will start in the church itself, and will then explore the physical and historical limits of the parish.

All over the City and Westminster there is evidence of parish boundaries. Be warned! The walk, which touches on a wide range of history, architecture and tradition, is more than a pleasant stroll. It could be the beginning of a fascination with the City and its parishes. For almost a thousand years, since Edward the Confessor built his palace here, Westminster has been at the centre of Royal London. Around and between the Royal residences of this area has grown up a vast area of parkland.

Botolph is the patron saint of travellers. He also has an enviable reputation for dealing firmly with marsh monsters whatever they may be! It should come as no surprise, then, that a church dedicated to St. Botolph stood beside no fewer than four of the mediaeval City gates. Some may say that nothing can save the City but this is all about Conservation! On this walk, we look at conservation areas, successful examples of preservation and some total disasters.

You can choose your own candidates for demolition!

Planners and architects have often found solutions to respecting the past without standing in the way of progress, and thoughout the ages builders have recycled materials and made good use of the resources available to them. The walk will start in the east of the City concentrating on the built environment and the defences which have indeed saved the City. This is a walk full of interest and detail, aimed at City enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Along our route you will encounter bollards, coats of arms, pub signs, weathervanes and much more, and by the end of the walk you will feel equipped to interpret the City via its signs, symbols and pointers — everything, in fact, needed to navigate the Square Mile.

This walk is all about transport and the City. It will include important London stations, both underground and overground, and the crosses of its title are Crosswall and Crossrail. The walk will incorporate the history of London Transport as well as considering future developments. As to our method of transport, it will be on foot! We hope that every step of the way will be full of interest and provide great exercise in good company.

The traditional view of London is that of a city shrouded in fog or lashed with rain. This walk, though, celebrates summertime in the city, and introduces walkers to the delights of a sunny London at leisure. If you keep your eyes on the pavement, you may pick up a few pennies as you walk along, but if you look up as you pass through the streets of this exciting and extraordinary city, you could make some astounding discoveries.

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Join us at Temple Underground Station Circle and District Lines , and discover such surprises as: a flying horse, a flag-waving lamb, some very prudent squirrels and no fewer than five giants. The theme for this walk is the Great Fire of London, which took place in September Starting at All Hallows Church, the spot where the eastward spread of the fire was halted, we head west to the Monument and then on to trace its course into the heart of the City. Much of its extraordinary story will be told in the words of Samuel Pepys and other eye-witnesses, and the walk will end at the Museum of London, which has a major exhibition featuring the Great Fire.

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