PDF Literacy, Information, and Development in Morocco during the 1990s

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Tags: Annual reports , Management of Library Associations. If you have questions about our work, suggestions about what you would Tags: Action plans , Management of Library Associations. It is supposed to be driven by a librarian or a group of librarians Blockchain, highlighted in the Trend Report Update as a key emerging issue for libraries, has also increasingly grabbed popular attention.

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The rising value of BitCoin has been at the heart of As part of IFLA's work, alongside partner organisations, in favour of copyright reform in Europe, we have produced an infographic. Tags: Publications , Literacy and Reading.

Literacy, Information, and Development in Morocco during the 1990s

Tags: Audiovisual and Multimedia , Publications. Monitor, report and promote standards and the importance of best practices in scholarly communication and continuing resources Plan and organize conference programs which will promote Tags: Publications , New Professionals. Updates on the many Tags: Action plans. Sustainable buildings, equipment, and management For any construction project, just as for any complex undertaking in general, a checklist provides a useful means of confirming that August Minutes of the Indigenous Matters Section.

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With European Union EU legislation implementing the Marrakesh Treaty now published, Member States now have a clear deadline for making the Treaty's provisions a reality in national law. If you would like to translate the poster into your own language, please contact Gill Hallam for a copy of the template email: gillian. This presentation, a link at the end, was used at the workshop on Video production.

Informing, communicating and disseminating knowledge using audio-visual content during WLIC in Wroclaw, Tags: Access to information , Audiovisual and multimedia , Communication , Communities of practice , Digital resources , Electronic resources , Freedom of information , Information technology , Open Source , Professional development , Social inclusion , Resource Guides.

Digital technologies have dramatically changed our lives.

However, the physical access to these tools alone does not guarantee that virtually all people can take full advantage of the Digital technologies have dramatically transformed our lives. Yet even with physical access to these tools[1], it is not a given that all can take full advantage of the opportunities created to Accompanying IFLA's Statement on Digital Literacy, we have also produced a resource pack including many examples of libraries which are already working to deliver digital literacy on the To accompany IFLA's Statement on Internet Shutdowns, we have produced a list of further sources of information on the topic for anyone interested in learning more.

This is a living list This is available to download as a pdf. IFLA has produced a short report on initiatives to day This annual report is based on the LSN — Strategic Plan and relates to activities from September to August Our action plan for is available on our This IFLA briefing The library profession is strongly committed to protecting and delivering not only access to information, but also the benefits it can bring. Multiple human rights depend on it: freedom of Tags: Conservation , Preservation , Annual reports.

Libraries have a central role in preserving and promoting cultural heritage. Without their work, our communities would be poorer and weaker. While libraries are committed to respecting their users Digital channels are becoming ever more dominant as a means of sharing and accessing content.

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They bring a speed and simplicity of use, at near-zero marginal costs, that have brought us much It is the consolidation of the separately developed IFLA A majority of The scope of consideration and Tags: Audiovisual and multimedia , Guidelines. Governments around the world are creating online versions of their primary legal sources such as Don Means Critical thinking is a key skill in media and information literacy, and the mission of libraries is to educate and advocate its importance. Discussions about fake news has led to a new Ensuring equitable access to information contributes significantly to achieving the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Libraries are playing an increasingly important role in The Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development The Lyon Declaration is an advocacy document that was used to positively influence the content of the United Nations post For this reason Mission: The Science and Technology Libraries Section brings together special libraries involved in collecting and providing access to information and data about the physical sciences and Tags: Action plans , Science and Technology Libraries. Objective 1: 1. Increase activity level among Section members and develop our network 1.

Follow-up of the WLIC sessions 1. Tags: Action plans , Local History and Genealogy. Tags: Minutes of Meetings , Preservation and Conservation. Tags: Multicultural library services , multiculturalism , Publications , Library Services to Multicultural Populations. With the advent of downloadable retail eBooks marketed to individual consumers, for the first time in their history libraries encountered an otherwise commercially available text format they were Tags: Publications , Subject Analysis and Access.

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The Public Libraries Section is very engaged and our Action Plan outlines the key initatives for the Section during the year. Updates on the many projects and events we're involved with can be Tags: Action plans , Finances , Public Libraries.

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Covered topics include information literacy, intellectual Access to information is more than just a principle; it is the reason why libraries and publishers exist. Natalya was arrested and placed under house arrest in The guidelines aim to promote the use of the ISBD namespaces In a complex and information-abundant environment, Tags: Publications , Reference and Information Services. Our Annual Reports record our achievements and progress in relation to our Action Plans. Tags: Publications , Indigenous Matters. The Tags: Action plans , Indigenous Matters.

Traditionally, libraries have served as storage spaces offering access to diverse physical collections. Today, following numerous social and technological changes, libraries are retooling their Education and training for the library profession have changed over the decades, and this publication looks both at the past and the future of these developments at schools of library and Tangible and intangible forms of indigenous knowledges and cultural expressions are often found in libraries, archives or museums.

Often the "legal" copyright is not held by the Tags: cultural expressions , indigenous knowledges , ownership , Publications , Indigenous Matters. Briefing on Public In our knowledge society, libraries provide access and opportunity for all Around the world, public access to Tags: Access to information , Access to knowledge , Development , Internet governance , next4billion , Sustainability , Leaflets. If you have The inclusion of libraries and access to information in national and This book is the publication of the proceedings of the Relindial satellite meeting of Paris From antiquity until the present, libraries have served to witness cultural and The blog Read our Action Plan for the past year to see what we set out to Tags: Annual reports.

Read our Action Plan for the past year to see what we set out to achieve Since the world's economy has seen dramatic changes that have rippled throughout the library world. While the demand for library services has increased, the money available to build, Tags: Access to information , Freedom of expression , Internet governance , multilingualism , Statements. Tags: Statements.

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This monograph is the culmination of months of contemplation as to whether UCT Libraries was ready to launch its open monograph publishing service using the new principle of diamond open access Tags: Academic and Research Libraries , Publications. Tags: Publications , Library Theory and Research. Take action now so that libraries have a say! IFLA has launched a new toolkit which will help you to advocate to your national and regional policy makers to make sure that libraries and As the United Nations reflects on the future of global development and the post agenda, access to information must be recognised as critical to supporting governments to achieve development The management of knowledge created in an organization not only enables reuse of knowledge, but also adds value to the organization itself.

Preventing duplication of intellectual effort, it saves Tags: Publications , Knowledge Management. The debate about access to scientific research raises questions about the current effectiveness of scholarly communication processes. This book explores, from an independent point of view, the The statement has a message for Tags: Access to information , refugees , Publications , Public Libraries.

Tags: Literacy , Statements. Architectural realisation of a building and its opening to the public with a range of services are central components of the building and design process of libraries. Each chapter describes innovative initiatives for Tags: guidelines , Guidelines , School Libraries. This collection of research papers provides extensive information on deploying services, concepts, and approaches for using open linked data from libraries and other cultural heritage institutions How do libraries, librarians and library services support development?

Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults gave a brief on a statement based on Lyon declaration principals Tags: Access to information , Access to knowledge , Government information , International cooperation , Publications , Government Information and Official Publications. Tags: Freedom of information , Government information , International cooperation , Publications. IFLA asked its Sections to look closer on how their profession furthers development and how the work they do supports the principles set out in the Lyon Declaration.

This is the submission Tags: Advocacy , Publications , Public Libraries. Tags: Action plans , Marketing , Public Libraries. Libraries make an important contribution to development. Tags: Access to information , Access to information , Access to knowledge , post , Toolkits.

We welcome other examples of current or recently completed Tags: Resource Guides , Literacy and Reading. A task group was set up The Committee is made up of We are very happy to publish the second edition of The World through Picture Books, enriched with sixteen new annotated lists. This new edition proves even more the very enthusiastic, skilled Tags: Bibliography , Best Practices , Bibliography. The records that form Although this Tags: Access to information , Access to knowledge , Statements.

E-Government is a hot topic. The integration of Information and Communication Technologies into public service delivery worldwide offers a number of promising opportunities. This text refers in Leaflet of Section's aims, activities and contacts. Feel free to print and distribute at your national conferences etc.

Download [English — PDF]. IFLA recommends the adoption of subject classification schemes for arrangement of the national bibliography. Classification schemes may be directly related to the subject scheme used or Tags: Best practice , Best Practices , Bibliography. Subject indexing schemes express concepts in a way that is language-dependent.