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More important, it is about finding humor, love, and happiness even while being challenged to the very core of one's being. This narrative of a family's harrowing and emotionally wearing circumstances offers a compelling story while also providing a great deal of practical information from which many people can benefit. The story is told in a down-to-earth, self-effacing style that sprinkles humor, interesting background details and anecdotes, and a refreshing honesty throughout the story, all of which enrich the reader's experience while creating a sense of sympathy and involvement with the characters.

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Another great strength of the piece is how the real story at its core emerges very subtly and gathers force, reaching full expression late in the manuscript. By this time, the narrator, who began the story with hints of a lively but far from "perfect" marriage, has coped with sufficient shock, fatigue, threats to her own health, and many other complex difficulties to wear out any marriage or other relationship but for the antidote of one element: genuine love.

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Susan Christophersen - Editorial critique A rare, real-life odyssey of the drama of extraordinary life events happening to ordinary people. Reading of her Jan's journey, obstacles, and the way she fearlessly survived the emotional barbed-wire that fate delivered should be a lesson for us in our own processes.

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