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She founded this website to provide clear answers to canonical questions asked by ordinary Catholics, without employing all the mysterious legalese that canon lawyers know and love. In the past Cathy has published articles both in scholarly journals and on various popular Catholic websites, including Real Presence Communications and Catholic Exchange. Canon lawyers are not responsible for the content of canon law. The Supreme Legislator is.

Only Pope Francis can change the Code of Canon Law, so if you're not happy with what the law says, please take it up with him. Search for:.

NOT an ad, just a recommendation! Catholics who are loyal to the Magisterium often come to Rome and book tours which they discover are led by persons either ignorant of, or even overtly hostile to our Church. The information may be difficult to understand, but that has nothing to do with the metaphysical composition of information.

Reifying information makes it a part of what God is composed of.

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If that is the case, then God is not an independent being because He has to then rely on these parts for His existence. This obviously means He is not self-existent either. Neither is He necessary because the parts that make God up can exist by themselves without coming together to make God. In other words, if God is not what He is, then He is not God at all.

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However, if you simply mean to say that because God has more information since He is omniscient than a finite universe that He is harder to fully comprehend i. David M.

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Oh Well. Here goes. For centuries theology was the Queen of Sciences. She still is, but has lost her way by demanding that she be both Queen and King. Too bad! As persons, yes, but not in the laboratory. Get off it. Stick with the WHY where science qua science cannot venture. As I understand your intriguing email, you say that science is King in the laboratory.

It obviously is too late to cancel her upcoming nuptials since we are a month away, can she get married and tell the priest about her prior marriage after the wedding and go through the annulment process then. There is no way she can get an annulment in a month and right now her focus is seeing that her wedding day goes through smoothly. Will she have to let the priest know since he will be sending out her marriage license? Will they now have to get remarried after the annulment comes through so the church considers her marriage valid?

I am 33 years old. We have wanted to get married for 8 years. However, due to strong cultural issues … my parents are against my marriage. But my parish church wants approval from my parents for marriage which I do not have. Please can you help me to know the procedure to find out if there is any other way that I can get a church marriage or does the Church also not approve of us getting married in the church?

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