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Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. The book has been carefully designed to remain valid through many editions of the MRE. After covering the basics, the author examines the methods for analysis and design of modern steel railway bridges.

He details the history of steel railway bridges in the development of transportation systems, discusses modern materials, and presents an extensive treatment of railway bridge loads and moving load analysis. He then outlines the design of steel structural members and connections in accordance with AREMA recommended practice, demonstrating the concepts with worked examples. Topics include: A history of iron and steel railway bridges Engineering properties of structural steel typically used in modern steel railway bridge design and fabrication Planning and preliminary design Loads and forces on railway superstructures Criteria for the maximum effects from moving loads and their use in developing design live loads Design of axial and flexural members Combinations of forces on steel railway superstructures Copiously illustrated with more than figures and charts, the book presents a clear picture of the importance of railway bridges in the national transportation system.

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A practical reference and learning tool, it provides a fundamental understanding of AREMA recommended practice that enables more effective design. Iron and steel bridges.

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AREMA publishes recommended practices, reference materials, plans and specifications for the railway industry through a variety of publications. Whether you are looking for your next career move, or to hire a qualified professional, the Railway Careers Network is an easy-to-use resource that delivers excellence. Other Publications.

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Hay, and other useful resources. At the interface there must be low friction to permit moving heavy loads with little resistance; however, there must be enough friction to provide tractive effort, braking effort and steering of the wheel. Neither the wear rate nor the failure rate must be so great that the cost-effective heavy haul operations are threatened. CD-ROM included.