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Studying there, Horsley underwent his abortion epiphany. I was in Hebrew class one day and we were translating the th Psalm. It's basically a history of Israel, and we got to the part where they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto idols, and therefore God let their enemies come and rule over them. I'm sitting there and all of a sudden I had this thing come over me. It was as powerful a thing as I've ever experienced.

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Although he didn't realize it immediately, Horsley now says the guilt he experienced was linked to his "unconfessed sin" — his pushing the women he had impregnated to have abortions they didn't, he says. His wife, Carol, had also had an abortion shortly before meeting him, and was having difficulty getting pregnant. Horsley insisted that she repent and beg forgiveness, and not long after she did get pregnant.

Ultimately, the Horsleys would have two sons now grown adults and a daughter, Kathy, who today assists her father in his anti-abortion activities. Years later, Horsley would write an odd account of his religious experience in the form of a fictional conversation between himself and "an invented Church elder. In it, he describes his anguish at realizing "the full horror of [his own] sin" and mocks as utterly inadequate the nonviolent opposition of many mainstream churches to abortion.

To play the angles, that's what. Horsley graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in — but not before shocking fellow students by suggesting the day would come "when Christians [are] going to be looking down the barrel of a gun shooting abortionists. The Assassin Over the following years, Horsley and his wife reportedly opened a multi-store home furnishings business in Blooming Glen, Pa. He got to know a number of the leaders of Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion group founded by Randall Terry that had long specialized in clinic blockades and other civil disobedience.

He wrote extensively on his computer, crafting "books" on abortion that were never published. Horsley described to Atlanta magazine a conversation he had with Hill, who already had publicly endorsed the idea of "justifiable homicide," just days before Hill took up the gun. Horsley claims he knew Hill could go violent and urged him instead to join up with his new project — building a secession movement in a bid to force the outlawing of abortion in America.

Days later, on July 29, , Hill shot and killed Dr. David Gunn became the first anti-abortion murder victim in Barrett's wife, June, was badly wounded. Hill — who has graphically recounted his murder spree with a beatific grin spread across his face — was sentenced to die and sent to Florida's death row. Paul Hill was — and remains — a Christian Reconstructionist. This draconian theology holds that Old Testament laws ought to be the basis for "reconstructing" society under an explicitly theocratic government. In the words of the late Rousas John Rushdoony, who wrote the defining Reconstructionist text in , all non-Biblical law "represents an anti-Christian religion.

Sarah Smith: Abortion Survivor

Although interpretations differ, most Reconstructionists propose the death penalty for abortion, homosexuality, the "propagation of false doctrines" and even "incorrigible" behavior by children. Rushdoony's son-in-law, Gary North, wrote an important Reconstructionist book in that urged anti-abortion groups to go beyond civil disobedience and forge a theocratic movement that would culiminate in "a total confrontation with the civilization of secular humanism. The effect on Terry was obvious. By , he was telling an Operation Rescue gathering that Christians need to "take up the sword" and "overthrow" the government.

It's not known if Horsley personally met Terry or North, but he was certainly familiar with them and the ideas they shared with Hill. What is clear is that by the mids, Horsley was expressing Reconstructionist ideas. Among other things, he cited "the elimination of the idea of the Creator from the legal reasoning process leading to the formation of law" as "proving the desecration of God's authority" in America.

He wrote about "evil laws and the evil regime that perpetuates those laws. And he angrily called on fellow Christians to radically reform the "self-indulgent, pagan, idolatrous status quo that goes by the name of the United States. Horsley sneered at mainstream Christians: "When the dominant form of Christianity in a particular culture is actually apostate [heretical] Christianity, then the only alternative for real Christians is an alternative Christianity.

Horsley would come to share something more with Gary North. By the late s, North had become the nation's leading prophet of "Y2K" doom — the idea that social collapse would accompany the arrival of the new millennium. On his own website, Horsley would chime in, warning that "it is no exaggeration to say Armageddon could well be on its way. Horsley's website provided links to North's voluminous Y2K site, as well as to a roundup of Y2K "facts" posted by one Michael Bray — the convicted architect of a series of abortion clinic bombings and a key Reconstructionist theorist.

His first website, www. One section, called the "Desecration Digest," included extremely graphic pornographic photos ostensibly meant to illustrate America's moral degeneracy. Another, entitled "Secession Via Nuclear Weapons" and illustrated by a large photograph of a mushroom cloud, called for Georgians to threaten to violently secede in a bid to force other states to outlaw abortion. On another of Horsley's sites — he would ultimately put up a whole series of linked pages — he demanded that churches be exempted from Internal Revenue Service regulations.

What Is Abortion? - Why Abortion Is Not Murder

Under the aegis of "the free church movement," Horlsey attacked the legal requirements that churches refrain from political activity to win tax-exempt status and withhold taxes from employees — a typical Reconstructionist theme. By , Horsley was a candidate for Georgia governor on the ticket of the so-called Creator's Rights Party — a political organization that, to all appearances, had a membership of one.

Horsley, who during this period was earning his living as a computer consultant at the Centers for Disease Control and elsewhere, simultaneously was making a name for himself in the world of hard-line anti-abortion activists. In January , he traveled to Washington, D. Containing many personal details, these dossiers already had been used to create anti-abortion posters of providers. DeParrie gave Horsley a box filled with ACLA dossiers, and within weeks Horsley had organized the infamous "Nuremberg Files" — a new section of his website that ultimately would carry the names of and other details about hundreds of doctors, other health care providers and even politicians and judges who supported abortion rights.

The idea, Horsley says, was to create files for future prosecutions for "child-killing. Horsley would later testify that he had no intention of creating a hit list, only of presenting information for use at future trials. But Horsley surely knew that such data had been used for murder before.

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An "unwanted" poster featuring Dr. John Britton, including his photo, home address and details about his vehicle, was used by Horsley acquaintance Paul Hill to carry out Britton's assassination. Assassination and Celebrity On the evening of Oct. Once in Mexico, he tries living in several places, all with various complications, which scare him to go elsewhere in the country. One day, he meets a woman named Karla, who he marries. He later has a child with Karla. Initially, Karla receives money transfers from McGuffey's parents to avert suspicion, but one day, McGuffey himself goes to pick up the cash, and he is apprehended by Mexican immigration authorities for overstaying his visa.

He is returned to the United States, where he receives a year prison sentence in a guilty plea. In in Wheaton, Illinois, Michael Alfonso 's girlfriend Sumanear Yang told him she was going to break up with him and Alfonso talks her into seeing her for one last time.

Archbishop Foley Beach

During the visit, while Alfonso is driving with Yang on passenger side seat, he shot her in the head as he didn't want her to abort his unborn child or having that child without him. A detective unit led by David Zdan suspected that Alfonso murdered Yang and didn't find enough conclusive evidence to arrest Alfonso.

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Then, nine years later, he dated another girlfriend named Genoveva Velasquez and got into a rage. During the night, he drank a lot of alcohol and took a lot of drugs, then the next morning, after Velasquez parked her car on the parking lot heading to work at a McDonald's, Alfonso waited for her on the parking lot and approached her and shot her until he ran out of bullets.

A dozen witnesses were stunned in horror. A detective unit led by Zdan confirmed that Velasquez's murder was by Alfonso. Knowing police are after him, Alfonso left town and headed to Miami. There he found a job as a bartender. Feeling that he's missing his family, he calls his sister, then she promptly told police that he's in Puerto Vallarta and FBI and Mexican authorities were sent to the restaurant to arrest Alfonso, but he left before detective arrived.

He decides that Mexico is no longer safe for him and heads to Guatemala. He went to Guatemala City where he got a job in hotel security. Alfonso was caught doing drugs at the job and was fired by the boss, and he promptly stabbed the boss. Aware that there's a lot of violence in that city, he headed to Livingston, Guatemala, where he was jailed for nine months after not having any ID or passport. After he was released, he left the country by heading to Belize through the jungle and was stopped by an immigration officer, telling him he's from Cuba and was let go.

Back in Wheaton, detectives decide to pass out fliers at an air crime show and put Alfonso in the top 10 most wanted. Alfonso heads to Veracruz, Mexico, where he gets a job at a bar and gets a girlfriend named Edith.